Gettin' Out

by Inkline

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Exactly one year ago, Inkline was released from the Alabama Dept. of Corrections. Today he is officially "Gettin' Out". Apt. B and B.O.M.B. Productions proudly present the first single from InkLine's upcoming album, Stones Cry. Gettin' Out was produced by Es Nine (of Prime Element) upon Ink's release from prison in May of 2013. This track finds Inkline facing the challenges of transitioning back into a society that now seems foreign to him. Amidst the struggle of being a long distance father/starving artist, InkLine vows (on the record) to stop taking life for granted and start enjoying the the simple things...such as good coffee and well... FREEDOM.

Stones Cry (July 2014) featuring production from: EsNine, Deca, Bennie "Big Magic" Hurst and InkLine
Artwork by Delton Demarest


(1st VERSE) It's been a long time coming// been waiting on a release date// still, the free-world feels more like a police-state// I've been trapped in a nightmare-sleep-walking-dreamstate// working on a chain-gang, sweating like a free slave// and these days what it means to be free// it's more than gettin' out, now I get to be ME// more running from the beast// they don't want me running wild, boy, they want me on a leash// Peace! I'm headed out the back gate// on my last day, clear a pathway, can't wait// OG's dap me up, wishing me luck// holla "keep in touch! when you get out, we linkin' up!"// yup. Hold ya' head, 'cause I'ma hold you down// and when I blow, I'ma have enough to go around// rep the inside, they don't know what it's about// but for now, I'm up and at 'em early, gettin' out, UGH!!

(CHORUS) Gettin''s gettin' I'm at my own backyard

(2nd VERSE) In my own backyard, sippin' joe, chain-smoking with the sunset// thinking about all the things that I haven't done yet// 3 locked up, 5 on the run// bet I never take for granted all the simple things some sweat// and these days what it means to be free// it's more than gettin' out, now I get to be ME// people grown colder, Lyric's gettin' older// I got the game sewed up if I remain sober// made it through the pit of hell with heaven on my shoulder// you can never say with a straight face, "I ain't a soldier"// an eagle not a vulture, free-bird flying high// over razor-wire through the sky, watch time fly// pun intended..a tough transition but with much ambition on a gotdamn mission// I'ma touch down spittin' like a bad taste's in my mouth// but for now, I'm up and at 'em early, gettin' out


released May 13, 2014
Produced and mixed by Es Nine for House of Waxx Recordings
Lyrics written and performed by InkLine for Apt. B Productions
Engineered by Bennie "Big Magic" Hurst
Artwork by Delton Demarest



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Inkline Birmingham, Alabama

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